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Ordinary Multiples

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I'm not sure if anyone is still around but... [20 May 2010|11:32pm]

Please let me know if this is not allowed
I have a DID community at  multiple_zone  I've had it for years now but I really want to revitalize it. In order to do that I'll be posting more on topics relevant to MPD / DID. I'll also be posting the new season of the United States of Tara (although please join if you want to discuss the episodes, not if you only want to download the episodes). The membership is closed in order to avoid trolls. You need to comment here or pm me once you request to join in order to be added. This community is for those with DID/MPD or support members (family friends) of those with this disorder.It is a discussion and support community. Thank you for your time!
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Support site [18 Jul 2009|06:46pm]
I have MPD/DID and i have made a support site you guys can use.  My little and another alter are the mods of the MPD section.  Pm me when you join so i can give you access to the section.  Each person can have up to 5 profiles, meaning that with the same password 5 alters can use the site.

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Intro [03 Feb 2009|01:01am]

Hello I go by bits. Just for the sake of my identity. We have a large system diagnosed over a year ago now. Some parts we are coconcious with others we are not. Mostly it depends if they allow us or not. I am just reaching out to make friends. I married my wife in September, she has been a God send through all of this. Well about our system, they are mostly children I think the youngest part is about 6 months. The oldest part is actually an age slider she was 42 when I first met her now she is 7. I think there will be a time when she grows up again she is just dealing with her part of the trauma. ANyway. I am glad to be here.
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NEW [10 Nov 2008|11:30pm]
I have been looking for a community on LJ for this that seems "normal" for "us", and this seems to be one.
I need help. I was told by my first therapist after seeing her for almost two years that she felt I was multiple, and this was in '93. I was hospitalized in Baltimore at Sheppard-Pratt after a breakdown on the multiple ward, but was very young, only 20, and too stubborn and no one inside me was willing to come out.
I tried to establish normalcy on the outside. Now I am 35 and I went through some reiki treatments and the psuedo-hypnotic state and the incident being released brought back out the only alter I believe I am co-conscious with. Now I feel "people clawing at me to get out". I have been losing things (and I never lose things, I am very controlled and OCD) and feel this alter and a little girl.
I have no memory for six years of my  childhood, and realize looking back that I lose short amounts of time. I have never found things that I don't remember buying or meeting people I don't remember, but I know that this is me. I want it not to be me. It makes me feel scared and out of control. I immediately found a therapist and got my nerve up to tell her what was going on. I have seen her for about four sessions. I like her a lot, and I feel the other parts of me do to.
I am terrified, and need to connect to others who have the same feelings and experiences as me, as of course I don't know any others, and I don't broadcast it.
Any advice on what to expect?
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help, please. [10 Nov 2008|03:26pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm 21, and my partner of 7 months who is 26 just told me that she has DID and has begun explaining her other identities...  I guess I am just having a hard time accepting and understanding it all.. I love her of course and want to be with her forever, it just comes as shock and pain to learn that after 7 months I have been with several other people as well as her.. It hurts her too much to share my pain with her so I am seeking someone, whether it be someone else with DID or someone who has a partner with DID to email with and try to understand more in order to make our relationship work... Reply to this or email me at spunkyc @ gmail.com if you will help.
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Book Recommendations [07 Sep 2008|04:14pm]

Here is a list of book recommendations that I got from didsupport.

The list doesn't seem complete to me. Does anyone have any more suggestions about DID/Multiplicity that aren't listed? Thanks! : )
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Thanks....and a few more questions :-) [06 Sep 2008|09:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]


First of all, thanks to everyone who have given me some fantastic advice. You lot have put faith back into me writing this story, especially at multiplicity. However, I do have two questions. I could add them at the end of my last post but I feel the questions might not end up being answered.

Before I ask though, I must say that I have mild dyspraxia and whilst I have the question that I want in my head, I find it hard to word it so others can understand it? Some of you got confused with how I word sentences in post comments so what I’m trying to say is that: if any of my questions need re-wording or you need more clarification, please tell me. If you think what I ask is offensive or insensitive, please tell me and I’ll remove it. As you all know, I wouldn’t want to hurt/upset anyone, I swear :-)

Anyway, question time:

a) I have looked through some of the links that you lot gave me as well as your (many) comments and some of you state that whilst multiplicity can originate from abuse, in other cases, it doesn’t. In fact you can be born with it. I feel it’d be unconventional to have a multiple who didn’t come to be via abuse which may lead the multiple to be confused as they think multiplicity comes from abuse only and that they’ll become killers. Anyway my question is: are there nurture (ie in terms of environment, not birth which would be nature) factors (other than abuse or neglect) that can attribute to multiplicity?

b) From looking at the website links given to me, it seems to be the norm of multiples to have a name for their system. How did you choose your system names and was it chosen by one of your headmates or was it a group decision? (just for the record, I am intending on using anyone’s headmates or systems names for my story. I’ve got my own system name and headmates) Also, the system names have any significance? The one I’ve chosen has significance but I wanted to know if it’s the norm.

Also, one of you asked me if I was going to keep you guys informed of the progress of my story. Would more of you like me to do this? If yes, then I will happily do it. If not, then I’ll just inform the people who want to be informed :-)

Thanks for all your help. You guys have really opened my mind and eyes.


(an intrigued singlet- btw I love that term)

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help please on a sotry idea on positive aspects of DID [04 Sep 2008|06:29pm]


I have an idea for a story about a person with DID. However, I posted the entry on different communities and I got comments stating that my ideas seemed negative and stereotypical and my research was flawed, focusing on the negative (although some comments have been kept in my email as I feel they were worth keeping).

That was the last I wanted to do and well, to prevent upset and uproar, I deleted the post in question. I have decided to take a new approach.

Users who commented mentioned that I should take an empowered and make it a more positive approach.

Ideas please. Any sites I can go on? Any experiences? I don’t want to plagiarise. I just want to be inspired so maybe this idea I had won’t be a complete dud.


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need insight on integration (again) [26 Jul 2008|02:23pm]

[ mood | confused ]

About two years ago, we integrated our two protective alters and seven other alters. Integrating our older protective alter did not work very well. About three weeks ago we split off our older protective alter as an awareness (he has no control of the body, is just there to give insight and help us calm down when we are scared). This is working well.

Has anybody done integration and then had to re-split because the integration wasn't balanced right? My therapist thinks I am backsliding by splitting, but I don't see it that way. I think I just didn't get it right the first time so it's time to try again.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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hospitalization [27 Mar 2008|10:28pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Has anybody had any experience with Del Amo hospital?

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I always assumed our system was the result of natural multiplicity. [26 Jan 2008|04:39am]

Lost keeps our system's secrets. It's her only function. I never thought much about it until she stopped keeping the secrets. Until she started telling secrets about our childhood that no one had ever told me before.

Now I know that we are a trauma based system and I don't know how to handle this. I've never felt this hopeless or this crazy. I don't know what to do.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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Daily Life [06 Dec 2007|12:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Daily life has ups  and downs.   We've watched family not understand the DID or various medications we are on.  It's gotten  to a point where we just quietly take the medications,  go to therapy, and  hang out with family and  friends  as days pass.  This isn't all bad.  Sometimes it's a blessing when  the family  or friends don't get it.  We can continue on like we do each day.  Unlike most family members, we know  how to steer the course.

We are off with office visits till  January.  It's going to be really nice.  We found out the body's best friend is moving away, and we've been adjusting to that.  We found out  about this yesterday.  The body has known the friend ten years come January, and these two are really close.   We've struggled to hold emotion back.  He  knows about us.  And we're going to miss him too.

This weekend we  are  babysitting the older niece,  and she's at the  age where she can't  comprehend us.  And she doesn't judge the CP either.   Yeah,  we  are a DID/CP combo.  CP:  Cerebral Palsy.

It's been one  hell of a week,  and one crazy year.  We had surgery a year ago for  the CP,  and things  have changed dramatically for us physically.  The  body can  do more  now than ever before.  And we take  life one  day at a time.

We felt like  posting because we haven't done it in awhile.  I'm the host,  Nikki, and I'm posting for the group, The  Posse.  I  can  speak for all  of us when I say  life has  thrown  a  ton  of things our way, and  we  feel  a  tad overwhelmed, but in  a good way.  With all that's gone on  in the  last year, we  have no clue where to put our emotions.  If anyone has suggestions,  we would  love to hear them.

May life bring you  ups and downs that lead to learning a ton  of new things.  Believe me, we've been there,  and it's amazing.  Thanks for  letting us post.   Cheers!


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[11 Oct 2007|07:23am]

idk how to start this... i guess im just looking for someone to tell me its gonna b ok.... we started remembering some really deep shit and i really cant handle it... alot of the others that never came out b4 are coming out and im losing time and getting all messed up... and another one was intergrated we think... i still dont want that to happen to me... idk i guess im just really scared and feel like im gonna throw up whenever i think about stuff... i wanna go inside and hide but they wont let me cuz im the major fronter... is there anyone that can just tell me ill make it thru this without going insane
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Smoking? [25 Sep 2007|09:15pm]

I want to quit smoking soon but some of the alters smoke. I had started with the patch and gone several days without a cigarette until I dissociated last night and now I'm back to square one. I don't see my therapist again until October so I won't have her help until then. Any suggestions on how I can get my alters to help me quit smoking?

Xposted to didsupport
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Figuring Things Out [17 Sep 2007|08:11pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm trying to figure out what an emergency situation would be regarding my DID. It's so hard to figure out that it drives everyone crazy inside. We're in therapy once a week so far, and we still don't know what a real emergency would be. We've been told many things do classify as urgent, and since we don't fall into a specific category, the fine line is a little fuzzy. If anyone knows what a true emergency is, especially regarding members of a system, please leave me a comment. There's nothing outside going on that would spark irrational behaviors, but there are things going on inside that do.

Thank you for reading this, and for posting. If you need specifics, just leave me individual comments. Otherwise, I think this would be enough to go on.

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[08 Sep 2007|02:19am]

I've suffered from insomnia- varying degrees of it- for 5+ years now. Most of the time I can't sleep unless I'm completely exhausted, and this generally takes 20 or more hours of being awake. At one point it was so bad that I was awake for eleven days. Well, something occurred to me recently. I've read in the past that multiples tend to have an excess of energy, even when they should be exhausted. Do you suppose this is related? Do a lot of you suffer from insomnia?

(This is crossposted, sorry if you're seeing it twice!)
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Intro or something. [04 Sep 2007|09:21pm]

Most people know us. Pack Collective.

a system of (now) eleven, we're co-conscious, non-trauma-based, non-disordered.

about usCollapse )

And that's us.

Pack Collective
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[04 Sep 2007|04:11am]

Lyndsey has been so restless tonight that she has bored herself right out of fronting. I have never posted to LiveJournal before but it seems simple enough. We wanted to talk to someone but it is hard to find people to talk to about multiplicity late at night. We feel awkward sometimes talking about normal things when there is so much going on, even if most of the things happening are mundane.

In any case, we wanted to talk about differences in hobbies sort of. Even though we usually have very separate selves, occasionally thoughts or emotions or desires will mingle. Tonight, our hobbies were mingling. We wanted to knit, but we also wanted to read, or to study, or draw or a number of other things. It is hard for Lyndsey to choose what she wants to do when this happens, because we can't always tell who really wants what. Lyndsey will think that she wants to do one thing and does not realize otherwise until she finds herself angry at doing something that she isn't enjoying. It is very stressful, we can't accurately explain how upsetting it is for us sometimes. It makes us very tense because we want to be productive but we are torn many ways and everything ends up being unsatisfying. And so we just sit here doing nothing really and feeling like our skin is extremely tight. Does anyone else have have trouble with these sorts of things? I imagine a lot of systems would have this problem.

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[30 Aug 2007|05:55pm]

I started doing sketches of everyone in the system. There are only a few done, and a ton to go. -_-;

Here are the ones I've done so farCollapse )
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[29 Aug 2007|11:28pm]

I saw this on multiplemonday and thought it was a great question.

Who has access to memories (only the person there/only certain people/anyone they affected/need to know basis)?
It is all based on cooperation, and the level of interest. For instance, if I am fronting and Julian is paying attention, or whomever else, they will share these memories with me. If no one else is watching the outside, they will not have these memories unless I put them in our, well, "collective memory bank," so to speak. I am not the only one that this applies to, and because of that we had a lot of missing/unorganized memories back when the system was more chaotic. Now it's sort of a general rule that you share what you know.
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